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    Since 1949

    High quality industry raw materials and measuring device agency since 1949

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    Raw Materials

    We represent nearly 20 European industry raw material manufacturers

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    Measuring Devices

    We represent the full range of Byk-Gardner measuring devices

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    Dissolvers and Beam Mills

    We represent the full range of VMA-Getzmann dissolvers and bead mills

S.O. Strömberg Finland

Industry Raw Materials Agency Since 1949

Family-run business S.O. Strömberg operates in Finland and the Baltic region.

S.O. Strömberg Finland represents and imports well-known European manufacturers of high-quality industry raw materials and measuring devices.

The company has operated in the sales agency business for over 70 years. During this long period of time S.O. Strömberg has developed lasting traditions and a solid partner network.

For your company, S.O. Strömberg is a consultative business partner that you can rely on.

As our customer you benefit from 70 years of sales agency experience, competitive prices and expert level service specialized in industry raw materials and measuring devices.

When your company needs new products or solid consulting, our professional sales staff will take care of everything from shipping, European client communications to all necessary statements and more.

We solve constantly changing situations with strong experience and always for the benefit of our customer.

No matter what the situation is, as our business partner you can rest assured that you are getting the best service available.

Questions? Please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Our friendly staff is here to help.

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Please don't hesitate to contact us. Our friendly staff is here to help. Find our contact details below.


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S.O. Strömberg Finland

Please send us a message or call us. Our friendly staff is ready to help!


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CUSTOMER SERVICE (orders, raw material inquiries, general inquiries, sample orders)

  • Michaela Pomeranz, Christa Wilkman
  • +358 9 838 60 20 | +358 9 838 60 222 (fax)
  • sos@sostromberg.fi

SALES (orders, raw material inquiries, measuring device inquiries, instrument inquiries)

ADDRESS (visiting and postal)

S.O. Strömberg, Leinikkitie 20, 01350 Vantaa, Finland

S.O. Strömberg Finland offices are located near the Helsinki-Vantaa airport (about 15min drive).

Please contact our friendly staff if you want to set up a meeting. New customers are always welcome!